Land owners vs the spirit on the land

From Thairath, September 5, 2014
Cartoon title: Land owners vs the spirit on the land
On back of Spirit: Capitalists; civil servants; politicians; men in uniform; influential people
On land: Trespassing and taking control over armed forces’ lands; trespassing and taking control over forests; taking control of public lands
Phi Nooring: Stealing land and devouring forest lots
Mouse: Farm lands back, please.
[Thai people worship spirits whom they believe to protect their property. The large figure represents this.
Land encroachment is legion in the Thai world with nearly every top politician, police general, or army officer culpable in holding land greedy individuals might covet for commercial development.
This occurs with public or national park lands, land donated to the state or temples, temple land, specially deeded land intended for poor farmers or any land that can be made valuable by development from a commercial source.
It seems an irresistible urge for “big men” to try to obtain land by creating legal documents of ownership which, only by investigation, can be determined to have been falsely issued by virtue of the influence the big man wields.]

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