Kowit Bounced to Dungeon

Komchadluek, February 6, 2007 - Seripisut acting police chief... Active/vigorous… Police must use the fifth gear [greatest speed/activity - it was said police in the past "used N gear" meaning they were inactive]... Threatens those who are not in line will be punished. Kowit was bounced like a thunderbolt [removed very quickly].. [Kowit left with] complaints.. [He said] it was like a curse [to have the thing like this happen]

Dailynews, February 7, 2007 - Bounce Kowit to dungeon [idiomatic phrase meaning removed to a place where he has no power]... Seripisut is acting police chief. Begins to punish the police who do nothing... [still] bears down on the Southern problem. Achirawit [police spokesman and Kowit ally] also submits to resign. There was a rumor before he was dismissed.

Matichon, February 7, 2007- Kowit disposed. Police was cursed. [their effort was not good] Was bounced to dungeon. [was removed to a place where he has no power]

Longeon [Silver Shield Magazine], February, 2007

Watch "The turmoil gang " - the third person who are behind the Bangkok bombs on New Year's Eve
Kowit conquers... All the gang has no scapegoat.

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