Kissing in parliament

From Manager, December 19, 2019
Water monitors: Hey!… Why didn’t you do it in the private place like we did. That is the parliament.
Caption: It make MPs scary!

[Refers to MPs from the Future Forward Party calling for equality for LGBT people. During the press conference, a same-sex couple kissed each other.
This is part of a series of bold, attention-grabbing pronouncements from the Future Forward Party as it faces many legal challenges.
Here the cartoonist criticizes this action since it took place in parliament and shows even the reviled water monitors criticizing the open show of emotion in parliament.
This sentiment is possibly due to opposition to homosexuality. However, it also is an opportunistic criticism of the opposition for overstepping the bounds of Thai propriety. Thais are typically open to nearly any form of sexuality as long as it is conducted in the proper place and circumstances (according to their viewpoints). Thus a man can be an upstanding family man and have a young girlfriend as long as he does not flaunt it and embarrass his wife. Open emotion such as kissing is never to be conducted in public as is common in many European nations.]

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