Killing a Government Critic as a Warning

From Manager, June 14, 2013
Title: Isn’t it killing a chicken to send a message to a pack of monkeys?

[This cartoon plays with the idiom “killing a chicken to send a message to a pack of monkeys” meaning to send a warning message to someone.
The police said that anti-government critic Akeyuth Anchanbutr was murdered by his driver. However, in the Thai style of not believing quick official explanations, some questioned whether the case is linked with politics as Akeyuth was an outspoken critic of Thaksin and PM Yingluck.]

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3 Responses to Killing a Government Critic as a Warning

  1. L. Joseph says:

    It’s a rare day that your cartoon section is not exclusively from Manager, which is consistent with your drift into extreme right wing propaganda. I’m beginning to wonder if you have a secret agenda to the de facto English language edition of PAD’s Manager. That’s a shame because the last thing that Thailand democracy needs is another English language news site catering to fascism.

  2. Wiz says:

    Because the rest is not so trustworthy …

  3. Wiz says:

    If it the Fascist police cartoon like that, the cartoonist like Buncha-Khamin would not occasionally poke a fun on Big Too and other watermelons like Big Oh or, even those tomatoes like Big Jazz or so ….

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