Khon Kaen Model


From Thairath, December 2, 2015
Left: The US ambassador needs to hear this, the military government persecutes people just because my husband doesn’t like this military government.
Man: What does your husband do?
Middle: Modeling agency business.
Man: What is the name of your agency, ma’am?
Right: Khon Kaen Model
[The joke here is that the name of the agency, Khon Kaen model, is the same as the “Khon Kaen model” separatists who vowed a fight to the death if Yingluck’s government was overthrown. It jokes that a modeling agency is being harassed because it has the same name as the separatist group.
The cartoon perhaps also employs a stereotypical image of a crass Northwestern woman who considers that her sense of style and the airs she puts on makes her a hi-so model.]

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