Khmer: A Language in Crisis

A Language in Crisis –, August 15, 2011
[This is fascinating, simply for the fact that Thais feel exactly the same way about their language. In the Thai world there is also a mania that exists about “proper” language that includes fears that young people are using new slang words in their speech and misusing the language in some way. The article also refers to the poor state of Khmer dictionaries (another complaint in the Thai word) and the legacy of using non-Unicode fonts in Khmer.]

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3 Responses to Khmer: A Language in Crisis

  1. Wisarut says:

    When my daddy was Alive, he kept warning me that if I kept speaking the mixed of Tahi language with the mixed of English without reasons, he would consider me as the one who speak the language of the whore cat and the harlot’s children.

  2. khunmarc says:

    language is not something you can frame in a tight box and call it the only way.
    Languages evolve all the time the only ones that do not are dead ones like latin and even that change cause I dont believe many of th new plant/animals/elemnt names wer e in it in Caesar’s days like albertasaurus !!!
    basically only little minds would belive there is one and only one way to speak be it khmer thai english. Or It is use by biggots as a way to preserve their so call racial purity/unity and a political tool to keep the masses in the dark… as always
    Grow up !!!

  3. Wiz says:

    Language allowed to be evolved but its evolution must be stringely regulated if possible!

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