Khaosod: Who Killed the Red Shirts?

Above: The truth of 10 April-19 May 2010
Record of the bloody day – inquire into who killed…?
98 bodies
The episode that continues… The truth from KhaoSod  The death of 90 bodies.

Above: International reporters all gave testimony.

Above: At Bon Kai, Rama IV

Above: Seeking witnesses and evidence – “Green bullets”

Above: Found excellent evidence on the BTS.

Above: Soldiers’ bullets found in witness bodies.

Above: Criticize “Thaksin”
Video link 19 May 2011
“Today walk to the destination… you don’t need to carry a boat to send me to the hill.”

[This meant that the Red Shirts could relax and stop protesting as their duty is at an end–Thaksin was in a position to return. This bargaining away of accountability for Red Shirt protest deaths in return for a Thaksin return led to dissension in the Red Shirt ranks and Thaksin later reversed his position.]

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