Keep the Phum Jai Thai Party Out of the Cabinet

From Thairath, December 4, 2012
Cartoon title: Miss Poo and the cobra [Miss Poo is Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra.]
Road signs from top: Khok Wua intersection; Ratchaprasong intersection [these were both sites of clashes between the Red Shirts and the military]
On the cobra: Phum Jai Thai Party
In the cobra’s mouth: Want to join the cabinet
Phi Nooring: Ask your cheering group first.
Man mouse: Don’t forget the wound.
[Phum Jai Thai is currently a member of the opposition in parliament. They were a coalition party in the previous Democrat government and the sort of old-style Thai party that has no policies except trying to participate in every government. Despite being the opposition, every party’s MP voted for Prime Minister Yingluck after the two day censure debate. It is widely assumed that the action is to send a signal to the government that they want to join the cabinet. The cartoonist warns the government to remember the party’s role in helping establish and maintain the previous Democrat-led government which the Red Shirts bitterly opposed.]

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