Karma of Thais & vaccination

From Thairath, May 13, 2021
Title: Choose to avoid death
Above the vaccine in the doctor’s hands (left): Free vaccine
Above the vaccine in the doctor’s hands (right): Paid vaccine
Phi Nooring: Death is chasing.
Mouse: Karma of Thais

[This is more anti-government tactics to sow doubt about the government vaccines. It contends that the “Karma of Thais”–that is, their place in the world and their wealth–comes into play when having to decide on vaccination.
They have to choose either a free vaccine provided by the government or, if they are lucky enough to have money, a paid vaccine which people believe has more effectiveness.
Implicit in this is the opposition allusions that the government vaccine should be avoided as it has a lower effectiveness and that the procurement of the vaccines is wrapped in obscure, big money businesses and thus should not be trusted.]

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