Kamnan uses rice cookers too wastefully

From Manager, December 10, 2013
Vendor: What! Buy rice cooker again? Where are all the ones you bought on November 24?
Suthep: I smashed them all on the 9th.
Caption: Kamnan uses rice cookers too wastefully
[‘Kamnan’ is head of a sub-district. In this context, Kamnan refers to Suthep Thuagban. he started his political career as a sub-district’s head in Suratthani Province.
This cartoon ridicules Suthep’s optimism about overthrowing the government. On November 24 Suthep announced that as many as one million people would topple the government. On December 9 Suthep mobilized supporters again and marched to the government house in an attempt to pressure the government to resign. He told protesters to figuratively smash their rice cookers as he reckoned that the historically large number of people would be able to force the government to resign and the protest would end.]

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