“Kam” and death

From Thairath, February 12, 2020
Title: The sadness ‘Kam’ in Korat
Left: Sokkanattakam [tragedy]
Phi Nooring: Express deepest condolences to the loss.
Mouse: Must be hurry to help recovery.
Middle: Visamankattakam [extrajudicial killing]
Right: Attavibatkam [suicide]
Above: 84,000 cells

[Refers to the mass shooting in Thailand’s northeast province of Nakhon Ratchasima known as ‘Korat.’ This cartoon plays with Thai words ending with “kam” to express the incident.
The first “kam” refers to the sadness and tragedy which the gunman caused to innocent people.
The second “kam” refers to the Korat gunman who was eventually killed by authorities to send the siege. It is expected that people that transgress laws or might embarrass the military or police will end up essentially being executed.
The last “kam” refers to PM Prayuth who was criticized by showing the sign of a mini heart when he visited the tragedy area. Although later PM Prayuth said he made this sign to cheer up the people, the public considered it was a frivolous and inappropriate action during a time of incredible sadness.
“84,000 cells” refers a strange and incorrect statement made by the PM that people have 84,000 brain cells. On social media people immediately made fun of him suggesting he should increase his own brain cells to help him to govern the country better.]

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