Justice for Thaksin


From Manager, August 21, 2016
Maj. Gen. Khattiya: Oh, Dear. I’m your real dad… who was shot in the head. But, why didn’t you call for the justice for me?
Khattiyah: I would like to call for a justice for Daddy Thaksin… who was slandered.
Caption: Good kid

[Refers to former PM Thaksin asking Maj. Gen. Khattiya’s daughter “Dear” to file a defamation complaint with the technology crime suppression division against Dr. Arthit Urairat and others for suggesting that Thaksin was involved in the Mother’s Day bomb attacks.
Maj. Gen. Khattiya was a military officier who broke with the military and joined the Red Shirt cause during the 2010 occupation of Bangkok.
When rumors circulated that Red Shirt leaders had reached a deal to end the protest, Maj. Gen. Khattiya announced he was taking control of the movement and would fight on rather than surrender. Shortly thereafter he was shot in the head (presumably by a military sniper) in preparation for an army operation to clear the Red Shirt fortifications in the heart of Bangkok.
Having a person of symbolic importance like “Dear” file charges or make important announcements is commonly employed in Thai politics. The cartoonist mocks this by suggesting that “Dear” should have concentrated on justice for her father rather than acting on Thaksin’s behalf.]

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