Just use absolute power instead of a constitution

From Thairath, March 28, 2017
Caption: Why do we have politician’s lawyer? [meaning Meechai is a lawyer who works for politicians]
Meechai: Why do we want to become a democracy if an election will attract a lot of cheating politicians?
On the constitution plinth: Democracy 99.99%
On books at left: Organic legislation, To destroy politicians, Control the media, Reform the NACC, Reform the ECT, Reform the police
Man at right: Why do you draft the constitution and claim its democratic if you still prefer the majority system and let your group to come in and cheat?
On a man’s shirt: People 100%
Phi Nooring: Why don’t we have the constitution.
Mouse: Should use the Article 44 instead

[This cartoon ridicules the Constitution Drafting Committee led by Meechai Ruchuphan. The junta admits the charter is almost or 99.9% democratic. Critics claim that the draft provides an advantage to the junta and is not real democracy as it tries to control many independent agencies such as the National Anti-Corruption Commission and the Election Commission of Thailand (ECT).
The cartoon shows Meechai trying to draft a constitution with the claim that it is based on democracy. However, the man contends that Meechai’s constitution will allow his group, the junta, to play main roles in governing the country and pave the ways for them to be corrupt.]

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