Just Three Syllables

From Thairath, May 6, 2012
The cartoon title reads: Just Three Syllables
Upper left: Slave contract! Ball: Bt100 million lawsuit [referring to the famous Thia boxer shipping out on his contract]
Upper middle: Magic use! [referring to weird and illegal rites in the news recently]
Upper right: Hold rotted corpse! [it is three syllables in Thai] On the back of the coat: Thai Rak Thai. Tag on the corpse: Elite Card [referring to the government’s attempt to resurrect the Elite Card program]
Lower left: Measure [something, also slang for “Fuck them all!” What is this one referring to?]
Lower middle: I don’t know! [a common refrain from the Prime Minister]
Lower right: Heil Hitler! [referring to the MP who used a “heil Hitler” salute as a protest in parliament]

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