Just send me ashore, then I will go on by myself

From Naewna, May 26, 2015
Thaksin: Just send me ashore. Then I will go on by myself. [He is kicking away a boat with a buffalo, representing his Red Shirt followers] Oh… Hey… Wait… Come back to help my silly sister, red buffaloes. [At left, Yingluck, is shown being burnt at the stake–symbolizing the many legal cases being piled on her by the junta.]
Caption: The red buffaloes who have not known the truth, hurry up to help your daddy Maew… [the nickname of Thaksin]

[The cartoon illustrates the belief that Thaksin has only used the Red Shirt movement to accomplish his own goals. His exhortations for his followers not to resist the coup–resistance being one of the cardinal pledges of the Red Shirts for many years–seems to demonstrate the movement is being used as a bargaining chip by Thaksin.
More about this idea is here: Is Thaksin doomed to be a follower of his movement?
However, all of this is the thinking of those who approve of the coup as a way to stop Thaksin once and for all. Despite any alleged disillusionment, it is premature to contend that Thaksin can no longer command the movement.]

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