Just easy like that

From Thairath, October 1, 2013
Cartoon title: Just easy like that
Left: The military draft dodging case [referring to accusations against Abhisit that he dodged the draft], the CRES [Center for Resolutions of Emergency Situation], 100 dead bodies [referring to the deaths during the 2010 Red Shirt protest], the Thai Strength to Strength corruption case, destroyed image in the Parliament [due to the activities of protesting Democrat Party MPs], only good at speaking rudely… don’t really know how to work, etc. [more criticisms of the Democrat Party]
Middle, hooded figure [here, representing former PM Abhisit]: It’s this bad. How can I make the southern voters to elect me back to the premiership? Do you have any idea, sir?
Chuan Leekpai: Easy…! I’ve an idea.
Right, Chuan: Blaming everything on Thaksin!
Words on the hooded figure: order to suppress the people; 100 dead bodies.
[Chuan Leekpai is former prime minister and former leader of the Democrat Party. The cartoon criticizes the opposition’s increasing focus on blaming Thaksin for the woes of the country and for controlling the present government.]

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