Just copying Thaksin

From Thairath, June 14, 2017
Title: Difference… at the center of the regime
On the back of the military man at center: Return happiness [the junta’s slogan]
On a paper held by him: Wake up Thaksin’s ghost (again)
Signs held people at left: Cut spending; increase incomes; enhance opportunity [these represent pro-Thaksin, anti-junta demands]
Signs held by people at right: Reduce the power and rights of people; increase the spending of taxes; expand their alliance’s power
Phi Nooring: Don’t forget Thaksin’s regime
Mouse: Want to forget [Thaksin], but still remember [because of what the junta is doing]

[Refers to the junta’s policies which are often ridiculed for copying Thaksin’s populist policies. So, the cartoonist says the junta tries to “wake up Thaksin’s ghost” by copying his policies. Therefore, the difference of these current policies is that they are now conducted by a military junta instead of Thaksin.]

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