Thai-language editorial cartoons on the referendum


From Thairath, July 26, 2016
Title: 7 Aug 2559 referendum for the future
On the ballot box: Referendum. Accept/don’t accept. Constitution version of the NCPO
Papers held by black men from left to right: Long stay [of the military in power], appointed senator, PM from the outside [non-elected prime minister], successfully keep power, control people’s freedom, reform
On the flag: Referendum
Phi Nooring: Please come to vote [implying that people should vote “no”]
Mouse: Depends on what you like


From Manager, July 27, 2016
Red Shirt leader Jatuporn: Hey… Don’t kill Abhisit!!! In the future, he will help us overthrow the military’s constitution
Caption: 7 years ago.

[The cartoon references the Red Shirt attacks on cars in a government compound that were thought to be an attempt to assassinate then Prime Minister Abhisit in 2009 (here and here).
In the run-up to the present referendum on the new charter, Abhisit has said he rejects the draft. As the coup and the charter were specifically intended to keep Thaksin out of power, it is ironic that this figure that the Red Shirts longed to unseat or even kill with their protest activity may now tip the balance in the vote and cause the anti-Thaksin charter to be rejected.]


From Naewna, July 28, 2016
On the torch: Anti-fraud version of the draft constitution
Caption: Final lap..!!

[The draft written by the Constitution Drafting Committee chaired by Meechai Ruchupan (pictured running with the torch) is opposed by many groups including the Red Shirts led by Jatuporn (who is at the left of the image). They contend it is written to serve the military and keep them in power.
Recently, Democrat Party leader Abhisit (at right) announced he would not support the draft. The cartoon implies that Abhisit is helping to ignite a dangerous situation by opposing the draft.]

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