From Thairath, July 6, 2013
Left, Chalerm Ubumrung: Boss, you appointed me deputy prime minister with the police on my side. I supervised my men arresting this and that… [“to arrest” is ‘jub’ in Thai]
Middle, Chalerm says: …I enjoyed ‘jub’ [arresting]. Then why did you transfer me to the Labor Ministry?
Middle, Thaksin Shinawatra says: I understand that you like to ‘jub’ [arrest]…
Right: …So I’d like you to have supervising with jub kung [laborers].
[This is a sort of pun based on the similarities of the word for arrest and the word for laborers. The event being parodied is the unceremonious shifting of Chalerm out of a deputy PM post, despite his very vocal support of Thaksin amnesty bills.]

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