Jatuporn, the Embarrassed Toad

From Manager, December 25, 2012
Woman: This is the weirdest case, embarrassed toad. Will you heal it, doctor?
Sign: Veterinary clinic
Dog: Hong! Hong! [sound of a dog barking in Thai]
Cat: Ngang! Ngang! [sound of a cat meowing in Thai]
Caption: The accident from Bonanza
[Jatuporn’s opponents nickname him “toad.” During the Red Shirt gathering at Bonanza, top Red Shirt leaders’ demand to ignore court decisions were overruled by Thaksin and Pheu Thai politicians. This was seen as further diminishing Red Shirts prestige as an independent political force. In particular, vocal Red Shirt Jatuporn, frozen out of a cabinet post, is seen to be isolated and have little remaining influence.]

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