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From Manager, January 6, 2021
Caption: Three uncles.
Left, Deputy PM Prawit: Did not see the casinos.
Center, Minister of the Interior Anupong Paochinda: Did not hear about illegal labor’s bribes.
Right, PM Prayuth: Afraid to make an order against the other two.

[Instead of “three monkeys,” it is the “three uncles” to denote the three older men.
The cartoon points out the intractable corruption of the Thai system.
Nearly everyone knows where casinos are, but the government boldly proclaims there are none. The country’s industry is built on legions of illegal migrant workers, but the government confidently insists there is no illegality, even when masses of illegal workers are apprehended.
Finally Prayuth, although PM, is arguably not the most powerful person in the government. The government is collectively held together by several consequential military men of which Prayuth is just one. Thus, rebuking or reshuffling some failing cabinet members is not an option for the PM.]

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