Yingluck kicked out

From Naewna, January 22, 2019
Yingluck: Oh my god… taking the seat of Shantou’s chairwoman for only a short period and then kicked out.
On leg: Kick Poo [Yingluck] out of the chairman of Shantou company
Caption: Pee Maew [Thaksin] stops intervening on the smog in Thailand and comes to help me to research the dust…!!!

[Former PM Yingluck was appointed and then removed as the chairman of a Chinese port company. The quick removal was thought to be due from pressure from the Chinese government which has been eager to forge a closer relationship with Thailand’s military-led government. It also showed that the Chinese government recognized the appointment for what it was–an attempt to raise Yingluck’s profile and credibility before the upcoming elections which would conflict with their new allies–the Thai military.
The cartoon mentions Thaksin’s higher profile as well. This includes a weekly podcast where he assails the current government over every issue including the recent air pollution.
“Research the dust” refers to the Thai idiom “kick dust” meaning to search for a job, meaning Yingluck was out of a job and has to turn again to Thaksin’s wealth and influence to help her.]

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