Jail the Pheu Thai


From Manager, September 11, 2016
Sign in front of the building at left: Pheu Thai Party
Sign in front of the building at left: Entrance
Sign at the right side of the building: Exit
Man 1: Who designed the exit of the party building like this?
Man 2: A master [“Master” here refers to Thaksin who is the owner and boss of the party. Opponents of the Pheu Thai and their MPs as slaves of Thaksin. This implies that they are all going to jail for serving Thaksin like slaves.]
Sign in front of the buildings at right: Prison
Caption: They designed it like this.

[Refers to the political situation of the Pheu Thai Party. Since the junta took power, many Pheu Thai Party members have faced corruption charges for their activities including the rice pledging scheme and the submission of amnesty documents for Thaksin’s benefit. The joke is that politicians who joined the party and then worked single-mindedly for Thaksin’s benefit are not paying the price for their choices.]

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