It’s the people’s fault for voting

From Thairath, October 20, 2018
Title: The people’s fault.
On the soldier’s shirt: Return happiness [the junta’s motto]
Soldier: Do not blame the soldier, if there is no riot, there would be no revolution [coup] [this statement paraphrases comments of the new army commander who refused to rule out another coup, saying that it would only be done to prevent political chaos]
On the board: The power of benefit [meaning that the military has special power because of its position in society and government]
Under the board from left to right on the suits: Alliance group; Freeze the country [groups that wished to “freeze politics” to stop Thaksin’s electoral power]; the political party that loses elections [meaning parties that lost to the Pheu Thai]; Shutdown Bangkok PDRC [protest that derailed the Yingluck government and triggered a coup]; Capitalists [business interests that have prospered under the political peace the junta has created]
Flag on the tank: Overthrow 13 times [referring to the frequent coups]
Left, on signs: Democracy government; from the people’s election [note the man holding the photo of Thaksin]
Mouse: The rifle is from the people’s taxes.
Mouse man: They always penalize the politicians.

[This is an overview of both anti-junta and pro-Thaksin perspectives. This view is that the military, supported by a coalition of groups who have self interest in opposing elections, are preventing free and fair elections that would return the people’s choice–Thaksin–to power.]

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