It’s the apocalypse for these people

From Thairath, July 13, 2013
Cartoon title: It’s the apocalypse for these people [meaning Thaksin is poised to return]
From phone in man’s hand: A clip of man 1 talking to man 2 [referring to the Thaksin audio clip leaked to indicate accommodation had been reached with the military over a Thaksin return]
On the robe of the hooded figure: Order to suppress the people; 100 dead bodies [referring to the Red Shirt protest in 2010]
One man yells: Yutthasak takes Chong Cao!
[This refers to the “Chong Cao” audio clip featuring Thaksin and deputy defense minister Gen. Yutthasak Sasiprapha. They discuss ways to return Thaksin to Thailand and imply they can now trust that the military will not block a return.
At the beginning of the clip they casually discuss the Chinese herb “chong cao.” This herb is used to treat impotence. This part was not really part of the relative political content, but caused the clip itself to be known as “Chong Cao.”]
Man on the left in the front: Thaksin is taking over the military forces!
On his shirt: The lots who are trying to oust the government
Man on the right in the front: Thaksin plans to return home!
On his shirt: Hate Thaksin
Mouse man: Try to calm down
Mouse: Brutally psycho

[The cartoon refers to the controversy surrounding the audio clip featuring Thaksin and the defense minister discussing how they can control the military and return Thaksin to Thailand.
“It’s the apocalypse for these people” means that those who oppose the Pheu Thai-led government and Thaksin are in fear as the “chong cao” audio clip indicates Thaksin has reached an accommodation with the military to allow his return.
While the cartoonist, a staunch Red Shirt supporter, ridicules people for their panic over the clip, he also shows PM Yingluck standing behind the chiefs of the military (Gen. Prayuth) and police (perhaps Thaksin’s brother-in law Priewpan Damapong) indicating these pillars of power support her.
As Thaksin’s time as prime minister was known for the punitive measures he took against those who opposed him, a return of Thaksin makes his critics fear for their futures.]

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