It’s not from a real Red Shirt!


From Komchadluek, February 8, 2015
Frog on the left: What did it say? So annoying!!
Frog on the right: It’s not from a real Red Shirt! It’s not a real Red Shirt! I’m not involved with it. Believe me!!
On the bomb: Destroy the Royal family.
[Red Shirt leader Jatuporn Prompan’s nickname is “toad” and the toad in the cartoon represents him. Jatuporn Prompan and other Red Shirt leaders denied that the suspect arrested for posting a fake royal statement was a Red Shirt member. However, netizens quickly uncovered photos of the suspect in many prominent positions during Red Shirt rallies and near Red Shirt leaders. Other information had him in the employ of Jatuporn himself.
While Jatuporn is known for his fiery rhetoric on stage (including threats to burn cities), he has been careful to serve Thaksin and his governments first and avoid sacrificing himself over anti-royal statements. The sudden blow up of the royal statement story apparently had Jatuporn in a fright as it would have seemed an opportunity for the junta to connect him with anti-monarchy material and possibly force him into exile.]


From Thairath, February 10, 2015
Left: Now, a person who issued the fake royal statement is caught. He is the Red Shirt’s provincial leader in Petchabun.
Middle: Red Shirt leader Thida: He’s not a real Red Shirt.
Man: But he had his photo taken with Thaksin.
Right: Red Shirt leader Thida: It’s not the real Thaksin.
[Despite denials that the fake royal document suspect was connected to the Red Shirts, it was later clearly established that he was.]

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