It’s bad

From Manager, September 18, 2019
Left: Chor: Crap bad in every article!
Caption: From Chor…
Right: …to ba chor

[Refers to Future Forward spokeswoman Pannika ‘Chor’ Wanich who criticized the current constitution using a word indicating something very bad or inferior–perhaps akin to saying something is “crap” or “shit” in English.
She gave multiple interviews using this phrasing and received a negative reaction from the public especially from pro-government groups, because of her choice of language.
The undertone of this is that the Future Forward Party seems like past parties like the People Power Party and the Phea Thai that intently focus on rewriting the constitution.
Considering the military clique that controls politics, it seems unlikely that the charter will be rewritten–at least in the way the Future Forward Party desires.
This cartoon compares the name “Chor” with the name of the food, “moo ba chor” (or marinated pork chop). It compares her harangue against the charter with the insistent chopping used to create the food. It perhaps also warns that her high profile along with the controversial opinions she is thought to hold might get her chopped up.]

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