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From Thairath, October 3, 2019
Title: Too bad they can’t wait PM Prayuth: In B.A. 2579 Thailand will be a wealthy country and Thai people will have a high income.
On the tablet he is holding: Future of Thailand
On papers around the suicides: Bankrupt; Debts
On the car: Failed business [this shows people inside the car committing suicide by placing a cooking crock inside the car]
Phi Nooring: 5-year performance shows
Mouse: Thai people die to escape poverty

[Refers PM Prayuth’s remarks when he said he did not think Thais used Google much and that they should to improve their knowledge. The cartoonist contends the government’s performance is terrible, causing people to have to commit suicide.
People killing themselves in despair over the economy or the government is a frequent trope of pro-Thaksin/pro-Red Shirt media. However, other cartoonist who oppose Thaksin have recently drawn cartoons on this same theme of economic suicides over government policy.
Also: Some will commit suicide
How to escape an economic downturn
Economic suicides]

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