It’s all good

From Thairath, January 7, 2020
Title: Is it mass hysteria?
PM Prayuth: In the next 20 years, you won’t be poor.
On men’s backs at left: Supporters. Businessmen. Government coalition parties.
Men at left: Economy is still good. Economy is still good. Cheer the uncle. [the “uncle” being PM Prayuth]
Signs above the suicides: Poor; Rubber farmers; Bankrupt; Farmers
On the paper at right: Killing the whole family. 4 deaths. Husband savagely hit his wife and kids on the heads before committing suicide by hanging to escape from the debts.

[Refers to the slowdown economic problems. Recently, there has been news about people killing themselves due to economic problem. This cartoon is critical of the government painting a rosy scenario despite the problems.
The cartoonist sarcastically asks PM Prayuth, “Is this hysteria?” He means to ask if the spate of dissatisfaction and suicides is actually hysteria (since things are good as the government claims) or if they are motivated by real issues.
Suicide is a common opposition theme. More on Economic suicides]

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