It’s all dictatorship

From Manager, October 29, 2018
Left, rapper: My country has a military dictatorship which blocks freedom…!! Yo… yo…
Right, rapper: My country has an elective dictatorship… Yo… yo…
Caption: My country… has everything.

[Refers to a rap song titled “Prathet Ku Mee” (“What my Country’s got”) criticizing the junta led by PM Prayut. This song by the Rap Against Dictatorship was released on the YouTube and received million of views.
The cartoonist ridicules the message of the song which, like most pro-Thaksin, anti-junta opposition, paints the political situation of the country as only an issue of removing the military from power and returning to democracy. Here, the cartoonist claims that the elected governments under Thaksin tended to be as dictatorial as the military ones.]

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