It’s a charade

From Thairath, June 21, 2017
Title: Same genes, need to love each other.
On suit on man (representing a politician) at left: NLA [National Legislative Assembly]
Paper at the end of his suit: Sitting along with many positions; receive salary from many [meaning appointed assembly members will be able to serve in many other political and business ventures, creating a conflict of interest]
On shirt of man (representing a soldier) at right: NLA [National Legislative Assembly]
On sleeve holding the chain: Return happiness [the junta’s motto]
On paper being held by man: Not attending the meetings; taking leave; not coming to vote; not guilty [referring to assembly members who were found to be drawing a salary, but never attending meetings]
On kneeling man: Politician
On signs behind kneeling man: Making laws to destroy politicians; cutting the power of the people
Mouse man: Feel no shame
Mouse: Dictate the election

[This criticizes the junta’s appointed assembly, contending they have many conflicts of interests and some never even attend meetings. It shows that both the military members and civilian members of the assembly are controlled by the military. Ultimately it is all a charade, the cartoonist asserts, designed to hamper the power of the people.]

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