Itchy Feet Wanting to Kick

From Manager, January 1, 2012
On the newspaper: The Nitirat [group] forbids the King to speak to his people.
The caption reads: News that makes feet itchy at the end of the year

[The Nititrat group comprises many lecturers from Thammasat University. They have come forward to propose many political ideas related to constitutional amendments, section 112, and amnesty laws–some that support the aspirations of Thaksin and Pheu Thai Party.
We are not sure of the culture allusions and the joke here. Is “itchy feet” an idiom? Does it just mean that people want to kick someone? What is the significance of “forbids the king to speak to his people?”]

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One Response to Itchy Feet Wanting to Kick

  1. Wiz says:

    Let me give some explanation:

    1. Is “itchy feet” an idiom? => Not quite, but it explains that the opinion of Nitired intellectuals have annoyed so many Royalists to the point that it urges those Royalists to kick the butts of those Nitired intellectuals.

    2. “forbids the king to speak to his people?” This is very significant that His majesty’s speech also have a hidden criticism toward politicians who have committed so many unforgivable crimes. Nitired intellectuals just simply want to please the politicians who wants to get the imperial level of power to the point that His Majesty should have no right to make ANY Royal speeches.

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