It is hard to change Thailand

From Manager, August 13, 2020
Man: It must be ended in our generation.
Left ghost: I used to say like that, too. Caption: Black May B.E. 2535 [referring to the military crackdown on protests in 1992]
Ghost in the middle: I said it, too. Caption: 6 Oct B.E. 2519 [referring to the right-wing crackdown on protests in 1976]
Ghost on the right: I said it, too. Caption: 14 Oct B.E. 2516 [referring to the crackdown on protests in 1973]

[This references the current youth protests to call for on government to rewrite the constitution and reform the monarchy. The cartoon uses the youth protesters’ slogan “it must be ended in our generation” to call on more youth to join the protest.
The cartoonist notes that after major political protests of the past, such as in 1973, 1976 and 1992, there were high hopes for real change in one way or another.
However, the Thai system has been surprising resistant to change with all the same political systems and personalities intact after each political rupture.]

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