Is there no safe place for the kids?

From Thairath, November 23, 2020
Title: Is there no safe place for the kids?
Sign held by the police: Violate the emergency act.
Sign held by the boy: Call for a better future.
Sign held by the girl: I was sexually harassed by the teacher. School is not a safe place.
Phi Nooring: Adults are so wicked.
Mouse: Good teachers, please help.

[Refers to the recent student-led anti-government protests. At the protest, a girl dressed as a student shared her experience of being sexual harassed by teachers. This become widely discussed and many called for the relevant agencies to solve this problem. Others tried to say it was a setup as the girl was no longer a student and thus should not be wearing the student uniform. Like all of the cartoons from this artists, a call is made for the authorities to stop harassing the students for just expressing their opinions and political views.]

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