Is Thailand part of CIVETS or the Next Eleven?

Is Thailand part of CIVETS or the Next Eleven? Thailand seems to be losing out to Indonesia and Vietnam in these lists of up-and-coming nations.
From BRICs versus CIVETS: …In short, while there is a strong case for singling out the BRICs (or BRICKs) as an exclusive category, a similar grouping of countries identified by the term CIVETS is quite artificial. These countries are simply large countries lingering on the border between the developing world and middle-income countries, where one could also find Mexico, Venezuela, the Philippines, Thailand, Argentina, Chile, Peru and a number of others. In fact, starting this paper, I was not sure whether ‘V’ in CIVETS meant Vietnam or Venezuela, or ‘T’—Turkey or Thailand and on what grounds. Further proof of comparable trajectories of development is needed before the CIVETS can establish themselves as a distinct group of emerging-market runner-ups.

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