From 2010: ‘Is it OK to shoot foreigners and journalists?’

‘Is it OK to shoot foreigners and journalists?’ –, May 22, 2010
[Thanks to Tom for pointing this out.]
…The Red Shirts are about 200 metres up the road. They pop out of the side street and hurl one of their primitive improvised devices or launch one of their homemade rockets (fire crackers) that explode far short of the bunker I am in. I can’t help thinking that the army is replying with heavy-handed and disproportionate force. But then I hear the sickening whirl of incoming high-velocity bullets, coming close to the bunker, followed by the thump of M79 grenades.”
…There is a lull in the fire, and in a twist of reality, one of the soldiers yells across the road to an officer in an adjacent bunker: ”Is it OK to shoot foreigners and journalists?”
I am mortified. There is a pause before the answer is screamed back from the adjacent bunker: ”No”…

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