Is Burma China’s Satellite State? The Answer is Yes

Is Burma China’s Satellite State? The Answer is Yes – The Irrawaddy, May 27, 2011
…It is believed that over the last 20 years, hundreds of thousands of Chinese have migrated to Burma. Many of them have obtained Burmese nationality cards through corrupt immigration officials. China’s persistent presence in Burma is significant—many local Burmese have begun learning Mandarin to help secure jobs, prompting a joke in Burma that the future leaders of the country will be fluent in Chinese next time they visit Beijing…

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2 Responses to Is Burma China’s Satellite State? The Answer is Yes

  1. laosuwan says:

    is this not the case in thailand, as well?

  2. Banksy says:

    Fast becoming so I think Laosuwan. Don’t think any of the local politicians really have the ability to look beyond how much they stand to make out of trade with the PRC. Money and clan wealth are what motivate them almost entirely, with ultra-nationalist talk being just a big front as they plunder the country at will. Rather they wait for others to innovate and instigate, and then try to cream off big benefits for themselves with the least possible effort involved.

    The man in Dubai would do/has done just the same, since his greatest crime is undoubtedly using his PM position to direct state funds into neighboring countries in order to be granted trade concessions for his own companies. The PRC will exploit such weakness of character to the hilt, as they struggle to get the resources to create the World’s biggest economy.

    We can get away with discussing the duplicity of such parasites in very general terms here, but we can’t mention some other big connections that truly leave one wondering how much sovereignty will be left in a few decades.

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