From Thairath, May 15, 2013
Cartoon title: Just has intervened… !
Above soldier in the tank: Thaksin was just intervened politically by the military. [meaning his government was overthrown in a coup in 2006]
Top right: The democratic system is intervened by the court system.
The sign reads: Ratchaprasong Intersection
On sword in hand of man on the right: Work sloppily
Paper in hand of man on the right: Act 68
[Section 68 is part of the constitution that allows citizens to directly complain to the court regarding matters regarding the constitutional monarchy or attempts to grab power unconstitutionally. This section is meant to short-circuit the traditional control of justice by a sitting government. The Constitutional Court has accepted petitions directly that could possibly see the government dissolved. Thus, eliminating this section is now one of the government’s key goals in rewriting the constitution.]
Bottom: The UDD was intervened during their political protest. [UDD stands for the United Front of People for Democracy against Dictatorship or the Red Shirts. They staged a major political protest during April-May 2010 that came to a violent end when the military cleared their encamped in central Bangkok.]
Around necks of men on the right: Government; Legislature
Phi Nooring: Deadly interventions
Man mouse: Dictatorship

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