Intervene here first!

From Manager, August 15, 2019
Joshua Wong: America… Please intervene Hong Kong to help it become a democracy… Hurry!!
Thanathorn and Pannika: Hey!! Wong… I came first!
Caption: Oh!! Cut in line!

[Refers to the current protest in Hong Kong. Some protesters called on the U.S. to intervene in the situation.
Similarly, Future Forward Party leader Thanathorn and MP Pannika traveled to the U.S. and Europe to lobby those countries to pressure PM Prayuth’s government over its anti-democratic nature. The cartoon criticizes them for trying to bring other nations into Thai affairs.
The cartoonist expresses a Thai-style ridicule at those who seek to get outsiders involved in Thai internal affairs. This sort of thinking extends to ASEAN whose members studiously adhere to the idea that other member states should not cast judgement on the actions or activities of other states.]

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