Insight into Thai separatism: Tak Bai radicalized a generation and relief militant dies as he faced torture if taken alive

In death, another side to insurgent Mahrosu is revealed – The Nation, February 15, 2012
…Che Mah Che Ni, 52, said her son’s life changed dramatically after the Tak Bai massacre in 2004 that ended in the death of 86 unarmed demonstrators, most of whom died of suffocation.
“He was one of the guys they stacked one on top another in the back of the military truck,” Che Mah said.
The massacre, in which no government officials were punished, has radicalised an entire generation of Malay Muslims in an already highly contested region and become part of the local narrative that feeds into the justification for taking up arms in the separatist movement.
…In a way, Mahrosu’s death was a blessing in disguise. At least, said the wife, there is no longer any worry about him being caught alive. “He was certain he would be tortured severely if they had got him alive,” she said.

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