Injustice for Thaksin? The drug-war dead must weep

Injustice for Thaksin? The drug-war dead must weep - The Nation, June 13, 2007
...Just as you were targeted because you were rich, I was picked on by the police because I was poor. I matched their drug-peddler stereotype - aggressive behaviour, a long record of petty crime and possibly having been seen a couple of times with well-known dealers - and the rest is history.
That I was innocent is not the most important point. Should they have done that to me even if I had been selling amphetamines? It could have been an honest mistake on my part, you know. I have come across a few restless spirits like myself who were killed simply because of their past drug records. We deserved formal charges and thus the opportunity to defend ourselves in court, just like you did in 2001 when they tried to "dig up" your past mistakes.
At least you have great lawyers, and I wish you all the best. I didn't stand a chance back in 2003 - not after the most powerful man at the time gave the police a virtual green light. I still remember what he said: "Because drug traders are ruthless to our children, so being ruthless back to them is not a bad thing ... It may be necessary to have casualties ... If there are deaths among traders, it's normal..."
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