Informing the U.N. on the junta

From Thairath, March 2, 2017
Left: The UN will only come to interfere for problems between country to country…
Middle: …what position are you taking when you want to complain to the UN?
Right: Our position is that we are a new country called the People’s Democratic Republic of Dhammakaya and we were trespassed on by our neighboring country from “Article 44.”

[In recent years, opposing factions in Thai political squabbles have asked the U.N. to intervene on their behalf.
The joke here is that, when a Dhammakaya monk is confronted with the fact that the U.N. will not likely intervene unless they are a country, the monk claims their sect’s temple is a country being invaded by the Thai junta.
This also references ridicule the junta has received for being unable to access the compound easily despite their absolute power under Article 44.]

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