India Cozies Up To Thailand – Analysis
อินเดียพยายามเริ่มสัมพันธภาพกับประเทศไทย – บทวิเคราะห์

India Cozies Up To Thailand – Analysis –, January 29, 2012
[Thanks to Tom for pointing this out. The Prime Minister’s recent trip to India was superficially covered by the Bangkok media. Here is an analysis of the importance of this trip…]
…India has embarked upon a strategic road with Thailand which should make China wary. More so because what India did with Thailand on January 25 was simply a carry forward of a similar diplomatic-strategic process it has begun in right earnest in 2011 with South Korea, Indonesia and Vietnam – countries which China construes as its backyard.
…Thailand pledged support to India’s candidature for permanent membership of the United Nations’ Security Council…

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