In Thailand, watch your passport

In Thailand, watch your passport – Washington Post, March 10, 2014
…Message boards from Lonely Planet to Thai Visa are clogged with accounts of stolen passports or ruminations on whether to leave their own at a bike shop. New Zealand, which sends thousands of tourists to Southeast Asia every year, warns its travelers to never leave their passports with a motorcycle rent shop — because no one knows where they could wind up…

Stolen Passports Used on Malaysia Airlines Flight Show Gaps in Air Security Around Globe – WSJ, March 10, 2014
…The U.S. increased scrutiny of travelers and their documents after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. Numerous al Qaeda members traveled on forged or stolen documents ahead of the attacks, and the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks created afterward said that 15 of the 19 hijackers could have been stopped by stronger checks at borders. Among the commission’s recommendations was the creation of systems designed to make it harder for people to travel on false identities…

Stolen passports never used to leave Thailand: official – Press Trust of India, March 10, 2014
Thailand, which came into spotlight after it emerged that two unknown passengers on vanished Malaysia Airlines flight used passports stolen in the kingdom, today said the documents stolen last year were never used by the suspects to leave the country…

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