In Thailand, Love of Food Carries Deadly Risks

In Thailand, Love of Food Carries Deadly Risks – NYT, April 25, 2011
…One popular dish in northeast Thailand is called pla som, or sour fish, which is made by mixing raw fish, garlic, salt, steamed rice and a pinch of seasoning powder. The mixture is shaped into egg-size portions, put into plastic bags and left to sit in the tropical heat for three days. That is not nearly long enough to kill the parasites, which die only after at least six months of fermentation…

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  1. Wisarut says:

    Well, for the case of Pla Som (sour fish), it must be fried to ensure that it has been cooked to kill those Parasites such as “liver fluke” or so. I’ve eaten Pla som qutie often so I know this fact … However, the fellow Isan folks cannot easily break their unsavory eating habit at any rate … Just take a look when they eat the vegetable leaves with lotus root just dug from the pond along with the raw pond snails from the pond mixed with the red ants (both eggs and addult red ants) …. You can guess the rest of the story, don’t you?

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