In Thailand, Falun Gong refugees were arrested and abused as the Communist Party leaned in

Pressure From China? ‘You Could Say That,’ Admit Thai Police –, May 5, 2015
…The police also appeared to reveal Chinese official pressure behind the scenes in the case of Wang Hong and Wu Xiaoyan. When asked if they were being pressured by China, police replied: “You could say that.”
When Zhao Guixin, the daughter of Zhao Guoliang, flew in from the United States to secure the release of the six—she was worried about their health after they started a hunger strike on April 17—Pattaya police told her they couldn’t be let go because they were under pressure from the Chinese regime, but she could try taking the case to immigration officials in Bangkok, Thailand’s capital, NTD Television reports…
When the Pattaya police discovered Ms. Zhao efforts, they reportedly violently dragged the six out of their cells, handcuffed them, shoved them into police cars—Zhao was kicked in the groin and punched at this point—and transferred them to an immigration prison in Bangkok that evening…

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