In Bed with Thaksin

From Manager, April 5, 2012
Bavornsak: I refuse your offer. I want my virginity back.
Thaksin: Aow! When you did you didn’t protest?
The caption reads: Mr. Bavornsak, is it not too late that you protest?

[Bavornsak Uvanno is the secretary general of the King Prajadhipok Institute. The institute released a report advising that reconciliation could be reached by granting amnesty to Thaksin.
However, the prospect of Thaksin amnesty is the key sticking point that has prevented reconciliation for meany years. Thus, opponents have criticized the report as playing into Thaksin hands. Eventually the institute offered to retract the report, but the specter of Thaksin influence already seemed apparent in the institute’s report.]

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