Impact of the land slide

From Thairath, August 2, 2018
Title: Impact of the land slide
On the man’s shirt: Nakorn
On the poster: Victim; injustice
Under the landslide: The truth: disclose the story behind; Conspiratorial groups to overthrow Thaksin-Yingluck
Words under the landslide from left to right: businessmen; government officers; the Democrat Party; our rules [meaning that Thaksin’s enemies make up their own rules to make what they do seem fair]; Justice [judges] [These are all groups alleged to be part of the conspiracy to destroy Thaksin influence.]
On the flags above from left to right: Independent agencies; dictator
Phi Nooring: Those groups did a lot of bad things.
Mouse: They did it and receive the impact

[Refers to anti-Thaksin groups impacted by the disclosure from former Democrat Party member Nakorn Machim that these groups work together to destroy Thaksin’s power.]

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