From Thairath, October 19, 2014
Title: Imagine…

Top left: Imagine that it’s ok to rape a blind woman because she doesn’t know who did it.
[Refers to a recent crime when the drunk man rapped a blind woman. He was caught by the police and beaten up by a mob.]

Top middle: Imagine that the ballot box is only thing that proves democracy.
[Refers to the political situation in Thailand. The U.S. repeatedly called for quick elections which perplexed many who sought to resist the Thaksin amnesty and his domination of the political system. This resulted in anti-American sentiment and accusations that Thaksin must have cut a deal with the U.S. to return to power. More about this here and here.]

Top right: Imagine that the police always catch the scapegoat.
[Refers to the police who are distrusted by the public. For example, in the case of killing two British tourists in Khao Tao, it is widely believed that the suspects the police presented were scapegoats.]

Bottom left: Imagine that Attorney-General is the country’s lawyer.
[Shows Thaksin controlling the attorney general. This refers to the decision of the attorney general to drop terrorism charges against Thaksin for the unusual reason that, since Thaksin is outside the country, the state has no legal ability to charge him.]

Bottom middle: Imagine that good people leave and die outside the country.
[Refers to the Red Shirt leader Thida’s comment about the death of Col. Apiwan Wiriyachai, exiled Red Shirt and lese majeste suspect who was know as Col. Romanov for his speeches explaining how dissatisfied people power movements massacred the royal family in Russia. Thaida said that good people like him cannot live in Thailand. This raised the ire of those who object to Thida saying Col. Romanov was a good person.
As is our understanding, the owl represents something of the night. The cartoon tries to show something related to the Thai word “mano” meaning “imagining” or “dreaming.” So, Thida, in the cartoon, is sleeping at night and imaging/dreaming that good person cannot stay in this country, but has to die outside the country, when in reality Col. Romanov was not a good person at all.]

Bottom right: Imagine that the police will stop receiving bribes when their boss gives them bribes instead.
[Refers to the controversial program to give police cash bonuses for refusing bribers.]

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