I’m with Pom!

From Manager, May 16, 2019
Title: Friends of Chok must step to the left.
On the men’s backs: I’m a friend of Pom. [nickname of Deputy PM Prawit]
On the sign above the entrance door: Place for 250 senators to report

[Refers to the 250 appointed senators–a third of which who are directly linked to the military and police. This appointed senate will vote with elected MPs to choose the PM thus muting the impact of populist candidates.
The cartoon jokes about the case of a man who violated the law. He threatened the police by saying he was a friend of “Mr. Chok” who was a head of the police in that area.
However, Mr. Chok is a very minor ally next to the ally of the appointed senators. Many of them have close ties with the junta–particularly with Deputy PM Prawit.
“Must step to the left” is an idiom meaning to surrender to others. So, one must step aside to let other moves pass. In this case the “friends of Chok” must give way for the “friends of Pom” (meaning Deputy PM Prawit).]

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